Against All Odds


«Scene: Hero with Galanoth and Mariel in front of the gates to Maleth's castle. The Hero has defeated Argo.»

Hero: NOW will you take me to Maleth?
Hero: …because obviously you're not going to keep me out.

Argo: Traitor! Traiiiitoooooor! I will never help you!

Hero: Really? Come on, man, just…

Argo: I knew we couldn't trust a filthy human! Did you really think we'd fall for your-

«Galanoth hits Argo over the head, knocking him out.»

«Question marks appear over the Hero's and Mariel's heads»

Galanoth: I've run out of patience. We've wasted too much time on these cretins already.
Galanoth: All that stands between us, and Maleth's last breath, is this castle.
Galanoth: I'm going up there to finish him.

Mariel: But we needed him as a guide!
Mariel: The castle is rumored to be a twisting maze… if we enter alone, we may never find our way back out!

Galanoth: I've known <Hero> for years. Those odds have never stopped <him/her> before.

«Galanoth turns to the Hero»

Galanoth: And it's not going to stop you now, is it?

«Hero nods»

Hero: No. it's not.
Hero: We'll find a way to succeed, no matter what we're up against.
Hero: We always do.

«Scene fades»

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