Lord of the Skies, Head of Clan Aerodu
You seem… strange to me. Like many of my Clan members, but not. Do you seek your friends? The little winged ones who would steal from my Airship? Ah, so. They did not leave much behind, but what you can find. you're welcome to. It's been long since we've been under attack, and my defenders could use the combat practice.

Where are you? This is the Airship of Clan Aerodu, hovering above the islands of Paxia. Below us are the Earth Clan of Geoto, the Water Clan of Nautica, and many more.

Yes, the elemental islands of Paxia. On Lore. You MUST have traveled far, if you do not know of this place.

Ah, THAT explains your strange… odor. You smell like-but-not-like. You are from this world, but another time? That would explain much.

As I said, you're welcome to what you can take. We uphold the creed of Unity, and avoid conflict with other Clan members. Or strangers, such as yourself. If you would learn more, seek me out in MY timeline, and I will be happy to explain.

- To AdventureQuest

Location: Quibble Hunt
Note: This NPC is themed from Aerodu from AdventureQuest.


Thanks to Harrison.

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