Ae Themed Free Player

Agitated Mace
Agitated Staff
Amethyst Claymore
Ancient Frying Pan
Arcane Curve
Arctic Glacius Hammer
Ascended Blade of Awe
Ascended Light of Destiny
Awethur's Accoutrements
Big 100K
Big Ol' Mace
Bigger 100K
Blade of Awe
Blade of Aww
Blade Of The Mount
Bladed Dagger of Soul
Bladed Daggers of Souls
Blazing Igneus Sickle
Blinding Light of Destiny (Axe)
Blood Hanzo Void Katana
Boreas Staff
Bright Blade (2)
Celestial Evolution Staff
ChaosWeaver Defender
Charfade's Club
Chrono Tech Daggers
Cloaked Nocturu Daggers
Comfy Pillow
Dage's Desolation G
Dagger of Awe
Dagger of Awe! (AC)
Dark Comedy
Dark Heart Harvester
Dark Judgement Wheel Scythe
Dark Knight's Hammer
Dark Lunar Daggers
Dark Moon Rising
Dark Solistice Sword
Darkness Claw
Darkness Dagger
Deaths August Scythe
DF Frozen Claymore
Dimensional Staff
Disease Claw
Disease Dagger
Doom Blade of Awe
Double Stealthy Crossbow
Dragonlord's Loss
Dragon's Plume
Dread Axe of Destruction
Dual Big 100K
Dual Blinding Light of Destiny
Dual Char Blasters
Dual Cyan Zappers
Dual Emerald Axes of Falguard
Dual Hydra Blades
Dual Red Zappers
Dual Wraith Repeater
Dynasty Blade
Emerald Axe of Falguard
Enchanted Big 100K
Energy Dagger
Energy Mace of Souls
Energy Scalpel
Energy Scimitar Blade
Escelense Defender Blade
Eternal Revolution Mace
Eternal Revolution Staff
Eternity Key
Fire Dagger
Formal Knight's Hammer
Geoto Mace
Gloom Glaive
Gravelyn's Champion Claymore
Grimy Pipe
Guardian Blade of Awe
Guardian Blade Prime
Guardian Blade (Sword)
Hammer of Innocence
Heart Surgeon
HeroSmash Alpha Sword
Hydra Blade
Hydra Staff
Ice Claw (Mace)
Ice Dagger
Ice Katana (AC)
Irolustre's Vengeance
Jova's Wrath
Judgement Wheel Scythe
Kurz Elite
Lady of Time's Runestaff
Legion Executioner
Light Claw
Light Dagger
Lord of Time's Hourstaff
Mana Scepter
Maraud of the Minotaur (Axe) (AC)
Maraud of the Minotaur (Dagger) (AC)
Mega Dragon Blade
Metal Claw
Metal Dagger
Midsummer Wizard Wand
Mjolnir Staff
Nature Claw
Nature Dagger
Necrotic Sword of Doom (Sword)
Negative Plazmatron
Nemesis Mace
Nethershard Blade
Night Mare Scythe
Nightlocke Blade (Sword)
Nightlocke War Axe
Nightlocke War Staff
Nightmare Mace
Ninemares +3
Not so nICE Axe
Obsidian Dragon Sword
Omelyhis' Rule
Omni Claw
Omni Elemental Daggers
Onyxx Wartexx
Orange Tech Blade
Paragon Bear Claw
Paramount Edge
Poison Claw
Poison Dagger
Positive Plazmatron
Prismatic Galactic Gun
Quaking Geoto Sceptre
Ravenloss Defender Scythe
Red Tech Blade
Rolith's Hammer
Scimitar of Nulgath
Scythe of Guilt
Shadowblade of Darkness (Sword)
ShadowReaper Of Doom
Sil Katar
Silver Dagger (2)
Sky Frost Daggers
Solar Spike
Soul Ripper Scythe
Soul Sapper
Soulborne Axe
Spear of Awe
Spirit Claw
Spirit Dagger
Spirit Hunter Scythe
Staff of Awe
Staff of Soul-Stealing
Stone Claw
Stone Dagger
Sword of Dragon Control
Sword of Malice
Synderes' Blade of Shadows
Tech Blade Of Awe
The Anchor
The Aurora Key
The Flax Key
Tonbo Giri
TOO Big 100K
Torrential Nautica Axe
Trolluk Mace
Undead Gutter
Victor's Glory Blade
Vladic Knight's Blade
Void Executioner
VoidPirate Captain Armaments
VoidPirate Captain Cutlass
Water Dagger (2)
WickeDDD Joke Blade
Wind Dagger (2)
Wood Dagger
Wraith Baton
Wraith Reapers
Wraith Revolver
Wraith's Pike

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