AE Ninjas: Red Alert


«Scene: Alina and Hero in a elevator going underground.»

Alina: How do you feel about zombies?

Hero: Too squishy.

Alina: Skeletons?

Hero: Too bony.

Alina: Sushi?

Hero: Too fish- Oh, no wait. I LOVE sushi!

Alina: You'll fit RIGHT in! But like I was saying…
Alina: No matter what you THINK you'll find here, you WILL be surprised!

«The lights in the elevator start flashing red.»

Alina: Right on cue!

Hero: … Did you plan that ahead of time?

Alina: Nope! Once you get used to how things work here, you can just sense when something's about to happen.
Alina: We don't call it organized chaos for nothing!.

«Elevator stops with a large thump at the bottom.»

Alina: We've arrived! Artix has prepared a special welcome for our newest AE Ninja… YOU!
Alina: <hero>, welcome to the Secret Underground Lab!

«Elevator doors open.»
«The lights are flashing red in the Underground Lab.»
«Beleen with Memet on her back runs on and off screen.»

Hero: Wow. Talk about a wild /party!

«Beleen and Memet crash into the wall off screen.»
«The Underground Lab tilts downwards to the left.»
«Screen fades.»
«Screen fades back in with Alina, Artix, Galanoth, and Hero talking in the lobby.»

Artix: <Hero>! You made it! I cannot wait to show you around the Lab.
Artix: But you are not the only visitor we have right now.
Artix: Normally, the Lab is invaded by ninjas, zombies, or skeletons.

Hero: … So what invaded THIS time?

Artix BRUTALCORN! He is hiding around the Lab, ambushing the artists, writers, and coders.
Artix: Right now, he is Artix Entertainment's mane threat!
Artix: THAT means you need to quit stallion and help us find him!

Hero: OW! The puns… they burn! Do you guys do that ALL the time?

Everyone: Yes! Absolutely! Of HORSE!

«Scene fades.»

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