Admiral Vermillion (NPC)

Cryomancer Hero
Yar! Hail and well met, Hero! Captain Rhubarb told me many stories about you. Now let's see if there's any truth to them!

I am Rina Vermillion, pride of my clan. My family, the Vermillions, are rich, and adventurous. Our ship, Lumineux Et Or, means ''Bright and Gold,'' and is the biggest, brightest ship of them all! We travel the high seas seeking out quest and adventures wherever we can find them. On my 4th birthday, my to Akiba.

While we were traveling, the water suddenly turned black, and a devastating kraken attacked our ship! In a matter of minutes, it was nothing but wreckage. I had been flung off the ship and into the sea. But then - my savior! A fierce skilled sailor, Captain Rhubarb, was sailing by, and found me, asleep in the water, clinging Lumineux Et's scorched mast.

He saw… something… when he looked down at me. Promise, perhaps. Or just a lucky little girl. He decided to raise me as his own. As Rhubarb and i sailed across the seven seas, we hunted for word of my former family. One day, years after being found, we encountered a ship - the Lumineux Et Or II - and i knew we had found my kin!

20 years later, I stand before you, here in the Tournament of Heroes, and an admiral in my own right. Beautiful, Fierce, and devoted to the pirates that took me in, though no longer a pirate myself.

Location: Hero Lobby


Thanks to Ron_104.

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