Adimonde (Cutscene)


«Scene: Nulgath in the Fiend Realm in front of the Fiend God»

???: What's this?
???: You were not disintergrated upon entering my Realm?

Nulgath: Where am I? And where is that voice coming from?
Nulgath: What is that overwhelming power I'm feeling? It's presence is crushing me…

???: Look around. Observe what very few have fitnessed: The Fiend Realm.

Nulgath: Who are you?

«Adimonde appears out of nowhere»

Adimonde: I am the Fiend God, Adimonde.

Nulgath: And this power… It's your's?

Adimonde: Yes. And I'm going to share it with you.

Nulgath: Why would you do that?

Adimonde: To devour.

Nulgath: "Devour"? Why would you need me to do that?

Adimonde: You see, despite my limitless power, I am bound to this Realm. I require a vessel to leave this place and consume other worlds.
Adimonde: Seeing as you have withstood the unbearable pressure of the Fiend Realm. It appears your body will do the trick.

Nulgath: Forget it. You aren't taking control of me!
Nulgath: I am my own master!

Adimonde: And I have no arguments with that.
Adimonde: I will give you my power and in return, all I ask is that you conquer and devour worlds in my name.

«Fiend Shard appears next to Adimonde»

Adimonde: All you need to is take this Fiend Shard.
Adimonde: As long as you have this, you and the Shard will continue to grow.
Adimonde: You will become an embodiment of my power.
Adimonde: With my armies at your disposal, you'll be unstoppable!

Nulgath: Why don't you send your armies yourself then?
Nulgath: Why do you need me?

«Close up on Adimonde»

Adimonde: A cautious one. I like that.
Adimonde: Fiends lack organization and purpose. They are beings of pure destruction.
Adimonde: They require leadership. They require an Archfiend. They require ME!
Adimonde: You will take my place and lead them.
Adimonde: And I can sense you believe this power is coming free of cost.
Adimonde: You would be mistaken.
Adimonde: It will take more than just that Shard to lead the Fiends.
Adimonde: You will have to prove your strength to them, lest they devour you as they have to so many else.
Adimonde: So, do we have a deal?

Nulgath: I accept your challenge, Adimonde. But know this…
Nulgath: I will continue to grow your power, and I will return here.
Nulgath: I will destroy you and take your place as Fiend God.
Nulgath: This I swear!

Adimonde: Hehe! I believe you. I hope my hordes don't devour you first, my Archfiend.

«Scene fades»

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