Avatar of Time
Thank the Bright One you're here! As many parts of both my body and my armor are cybernetic, I cannot enter the Cathedral of Time without the risk of being infected by the same virus that's destroying the timelines. But you can!

Yes, the timelines contained within the Cathedral of Time are being corrupted by some sort of virus. It's corrupting their data, and is already causing some of them to glitch. I need you to help me get rid of it before the timelines become irreparably damaged.

Northland Lights
The Northland Lights form a protective barrier around my Cathedral that is powerful enough to keep even the strongest Infernal foes from breaching its walls. Sadly, they do nothing to protect against malware. It seems I also need way to prevent visiting young relatives from using my data stations to visit questionable internet sites.

You're a Girl Now?
Yes, it seems that the effects of the corrupted data have already begun to spread. I can't even begin to guess what could have been changed in the past to create this result in the present. Not that I particularly mind; after all, we Celestials are fairly androgynous to begin with.

- Archive of Time Merge seasonalsmall.png
- Adaleaz's Quest

After completing the 'Kill 2016!' quest:

Avatar of Time
I've never seen anything like that before. A year gone rampant, not wanting to yield to the next. I will have to make a more vigilant effort to guard against such things, so that this cannot happen again.

Location: Cathedral of Time

Thanks to x Phantom x.

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