Ada's Quests

Jump to: Envy, Laken.

Quest Locations:

Quests Begun From: Ada (NPC)

Note: This quest can also be found from J6 (NPC) in Envy (Location) (1).

Confront the Queen of Envy!

Items Required:


  • 1,000 1,200 Gold
  • 1,000 1,200 Exp

Thanks to boomboompowboyz and Eldant.

Quest Location: Laken (Location)
Quests Begun From: Ada (NPC)

I've been practicing a lot lately, and I think I'm getting much better! Come on, spar with me! I bet I can beat you now!

Items Required:


  • 700 Gold
  • 700 Exp

Thanks to Harrison.

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