Ada and the Soulweaver


«Ada is looking for Darkon inside the tower»

Ada: Daaaarkon! Where aaaare you?

«A Legion Soulweaver grabs Ada and both start getting closer as they speak»

Ada: Dage sent you? Oh, my!
Ada: Envy must have made him really angry if he's pulled you away from your important work!

Legion Soulweaver: Envy has yet to deliver the Dark Shard to Dage… which I'm sure comes as no surpirse to you.
Legion Soulweaver: This makes her a liability.
Legion Soulweaver: But I can't say I was expecting to run into you.
Legion Soulweaver: Such a pleasant surprise.

Ada: I never thought that a member of the Legion could be so…
Ada: so…
Ada: Stupid.

«Ada grabs Legion Soulweaver's gun and threatens him with it»

Legion Soulweaver: Oh-

«Ada shoots the Legion Soulweaver»

Legion Soulweaver: Stupid woman! Did you think this would kill me?
Legion Soulweaver: I am immortal!
Legion Soulweaver: I will return, Ada! This is far from over!

«Legion Soulweaver leaves»

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