Act 2: The Distant Past (2)


Note: Also see Act 2: The Distant Past (1).

«Fade in text:» Act 2: The Distant Past

«Scene: At Prehistoric»

Will: Not the smoothest ride.

Fred: Anywhere is better than that place. Besides, we can always try again, right?

Hero: Wrong.
Hero: Right before we came out of the portal I lost my grip on the Vigilette.

Drakath: I saw it land in a big nest over there.

Hero: Then let's get it back quick; it looks like we've got company.

«The Collector appears out of nowhere.»

Will: This guy is the worst kind of fan.

Fred: I thought we took his time-travel doohickey.

Drakath: He must be able to do it himself.
Drakath: The Vigilette must make it easier for him.

Hero: Sure, people can run or walk but we ride horses to make things easier on us.

Will: Then get the Vigilette and let's get out of here!

«Scene fades»

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