Abel's Destiny


«The Hero strikes the Enfield»

Hero: Abel! Now!

«Abel attacks the Enfield with Ice, defeating it»

Abel: Did… did I really do that?

Enfield: Indeed you did, Abel of Cryostorm. You are worthy, and you may pass.

«Enfield fades away»

Abel: We did it!

Hero: No, Abel. You did it. You have grown so much since I've met you.
Hero: You have come face to face with some of the most powerful villains Lore has ever seen.
Hero: You are truly a hero now. And I am honored to have fought by your side.

Abel: A true hero… that's all I've ever wanted to be.

Hero: How could the Champion of Ice be anything else?

Abel: I'm not the Champion of Ice.

Hero: Seriously, man? Come on.

Abel: I've felt it since I came here, but fighting the Enfield put it all into focus…
Abel: I know who I am now.
Abel: I am the Avatar of Kyanos.

«Kyanos appears and grants Abel armor»

Abel: Whoa…

Shade of Kyanos: Yes. It is true.
Shade of Kyanos: I brought you to the plane of ice so that you would come to realize your true nature yourself.
Shade of Kyanos: This was the purpose of the trials that you have gone through to reach me.
Shade of Kyanos: And I have brought the Champion of Order, the Eternal Dragon of Time, here to witness it all.

Hero: So, what happens now?

Shade of Kyanos: Now, Abel will be my eyes and ears on Lore.
Shade of Kyanos: My presence there would be too much for its people to bear… as you have seen.
Shade of Kyanos: However, though your own power there will be limited…
Shade of Kyanos: …through you I will be able to help the Hero of Lore protect our world from destruction.

Abel: I will not disappoint you.

«Scene fades»

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