Abandoned Plans


Cemaros: <Hero>! Finally, you're here! Ummmmm you're not angry right?
Cemaros: All that junk in the other room, that's just a hobby of the boss'!
Cemaros: He uh, sure loves looking at brains! Nothing to do with turning you into a vegetable.

Brentan: Why would <Hero> be personally upset about Drakath researching ways to lobotomize dragons?

Hero: SHH! SHHH!

Cemaros: Uhhhh anyways <Hero>, did you have to bring him here?
Cemaros: Brentan's the reason why Malgor could break in!

Brentan: First of all, who is she? And why is Drakath recruiting overactive children?
Brentan: Her parents must be wondering where she is.

Cemaros: He's deflecting! We have spies too! We know he's been gunning for our butts!
Cemaros: And I'm not a kid! You'll tell my parents where I am over my stinking dead body!
Cemaros: How about I let MC make wet bird feed out of your toes?

Hero: Everyone, slow down! I came to stop Malgor from stealing the Queen's Heart.
Hero: I have no idea why Malgor would want it since the Queen's already dead.
Hero: Malgor's the last person that would want her resurrected.
Hero: Dage should have got here before I did. Cemaros, can you tell me what happened?

Cemaros: If it weren't for that chunky blue tin can holding up Malgor, he'd be long gone with the Heart!
Cemaros: Because Brentan over there went behind your back, Velyro!
Cemaros: Even with the Mana Core corrupted and messing with us, we would have whupped Malgor.
Cemaros: But he brought Warlic with him!

Brentan: …What does this have to do with me?

Hero: Victoria and I talked. She told me you were working with Warlic.
Hero: He was happy to help you develop spells to defend Swordhaven…
Hero: But, Warlic sensed that this was more about getting revenge on Drakath, and stopped.

Cemaros: Didn't stop quick enough! Malgor got a hold of Warlic, shoved an extra large tub of Shadowflame or whatever into his skull-
Cemaros: Then he showed up here, and shot Drakath into the sky! A spell is keeping the Boss trapped up there fighting Malgor's flying forces!
Cemaros: The rest of us are either with him or missing in action.
Cemaros: Last I saw of Xang was her hurtling into the ocean. It would have been hilarious on a better day.

Brentan: Isn't is sensible to find ways to defend ourselves against threats? Drakath being the worst of them, if you recall.

Hero: Did you keep it a secret from me because you wanted to kill Drakath yourself?


Hero: Ugh, not that I have a leg to stand on. I did keep the Heart a secret from you.

Cemaros: No one's going to have legs if you don't get the Heart back from Malgor!

Hero: Right, I have a bad feeling about this. I hope Dage has Malgor under control.
Hero: If Warlic's here, I need to free him!

«Scene fades»

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