«Scene: Jinx shoves the Hero through a portal»


«The Hero grabs Jinx's leg»

Jinx: Bwaaah!

«Jinx and the Hero fall through the portal together»


«They land in a tunnel full of junk»

Hero: …Ow.

Jinx: Oh, hey! THAT'S where that went!
Jinx: Well, this sucks. This pit is way too deep for us to climb out of.
Jinx: We're gonna have to find another way out.

Hero: What about your Portal Chakram? Why don't you just use that?

Jinx: Ha ha, that's cute. Come on. I can't just make a portal to anywhere I want.

Hero: Really? It sure looked like you could.

Jinx: What, when I came back here from Battleon?
Jinx: Nah. This pocket dimension is the chakram's "home setting". I can make a portal to HERE from anywhere.

«Scene: the platform on the Junk Hoard»

Jinx: …and there are a few platforms around here that are attuned to a specific location.
Jinx: Make a portal on top of one of those, and it'll take me there.

«Scene: Jinx in the Junk Heap»

Jinx: But otherwise? Nope, I gotta aim it.
Jinx: Aim it across the room? That's where I'll end up.
Jinx: Aim it at a wall, and it'll take me to the other side.
Jinx: But I can't just randomly zap us back to last week's map. No way.

Hero: But… but you just SAID you could create a portal to your pocket dimension from anywhere!

Jinx: We're already IN the pocket dimension, ding-dong! Gosh, try to keep up.

Hero: But I… but you… Oh, nevermind.
Hero: Let's just try to find a way out of here.

Jinx: NOW you're talkin'!

«Scene fades»

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