A Weapon and a Fortress


«Scene: Sigrid faces the force of Lightguard Paladins»

Sigrid Sunshield: This situation is unacceptable.
Sigrid Sunshield: Noxus and Sepulchure have ramped up their attacks against us.
Sigrid Sunshield: And I don't know what they're doing to that dragon, but it looks like he's almost finished.
Sigrid Sunshield: They must be stopped. NOW.

General Goldhammer: We need more support.
General Goldhammer: They've depleted our forces, and those who fall rise again to fight against us.
General Goldhammer: It was manageable when it was just Noxus, but together they are too strong.

Sigrid Sunshield:
Sigrid Sunshield: Alright. Then we'll have to become stronger.
Sigrid Sunshield: How is the siege engine progressing?

General Goldhammer: It's not there yet. With a little more time-

Sigrid Sunshield: Then GET it there.
Sigrid Sunshield: I don't want to take any more chances. We're ending this now.

«General Goldhammer salutes»

General Goldhammer: Understood.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Sigrid looks out the window with a telescope during the daytime»

???: Don't forget - we are apprehending Sepulchure. Not killing him.

Sigrid Sunshield: Of course. I sent word to you as soon as he arrived, did I not?
Sigrid Sunshield: I understand perfectly well what your intentions are.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Sepulchure and Noxus in Doomwood»

Sepulchure: Alright, "Supreme Necromancer". What do you have to show me?

Noxus: Such cynicism.
Noxus: Allow me to dispell your doubt.

«Noxus starts growing Victorious' skeleton»

Sepulchure: Alright. I'm impressed.

Noxus: It will still be awhile longer before it's finished.
Noxus: But the process uses a lot of energy, so until then, it will need to remain asleep.

Sepulchure: That's fine. I wasn't planning on leaving anytime soon.

Noxus: I'm glad to hear it.
Noxus: The Lightguard have fallen back, but my scouts have been reporting increased activity in their fortress.
Noxus: This makes me nervous.
Noxus: I trust you will see to them while I see to this.

«Scene fades»

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