A Weal Fwostval Elf



«Scene: Chilly the moglin builds a snow moglin in the ColdWind Valley»

Chilly: Whee! I wove Fwostval so much!
Chilly: Pwaying in the snow… dwinking hot chocowate…

«Jingles the elf pops up from behind a shrub, holding a present»

Jingles: …Opening presents?

Chilly: Yes! Chilly WOVES pwesents! How did you know?

Jingles: I'm a Frostval Elf! It's my job to know.

Chilly: WEALLY? A weal Fwostval elf?

Jingles: Yes, indeed!

«Jingles takes a bow»

Jingles: Jingles the elf, at your service!

Chilly: Well, don't you wisten to anything my daddy says!
Chilly: Chilly has been a VEWY good boy this year!

Jingles: Oh, is that so?
Jingles: Well, in that case, you deserve a VERY special treat!
Jingles: Instead of giving you ONE present…
Jingles: Why don't I take you to our secret Frostval toy factory?

Chilly: Omigosh! A secwet toy factowy?!

Jingles: Hidden underground, beneath the snow, where no one else but the elves can find it!
Jingles: Would you like to see it?

Chilly: Yes! Vewy much!

Jingles: Well, then! Follow me! Come right this way!
Jingles: It will be so wondrous, so fantabulous…

«Jingles eyes flash»

Jingles: …you'll NEVER want to leave.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero in ColdWind Valley»

Hero: Whee! I love Frostval so much!
Hero: Everything's so festive, and-

«Scene: the inhabitants of ColdWind Valley looking very unhappy»

Hero: Actually, this doesn't look very festive at all.
Hero: Blizzy, what's going on? Why does everyone look so down?

Blizzy: <Hero>! Blizzy is so glad you're here!
Blizzy: It's Chilly! He… he…
Blizzy: He's GONE.
Blizzy: He went out yesterday morning to play in the snow.
Blizzy: But he never came back! I found his snowmoglin, but no trace of HIM.

«Hero gasps»

Hero: Oh, no!

Blizzy: But that's not the worst part.
Blizzy: The worst part is, everyone ELSE'S kids are missing, TOO!
Blizzy: That's how Blizzy knows something terrible has happened.
Blizzy: Please, <Hero>. You have to help us find them!

«Scene fades»

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