A True God


«Scene: Galanoth, Hero, and Varga»

«Hero and Galanoth hits Varga»

Varga: You both have grown greatly since arriving in Justitia Per Belli.
Varga: While it's true that my domain increases one's results from their training here, your progress has been astounding!

Galanoth: Thank you, Lady Varga. I think I finally understand this power I have been given.
Galanoth: Despite this being a place of War, it's strange… I have come to peace with this Fire that burns within me.
Galanoth: Following everything you have taught us, I will be certain to use this power only for that same Justice you strive for. I swear it!

Varga: And you shall, Galanoth. Thank you.
Varga: And as for you, <Hero>. How are you feeling?

Hero: I *feel* stronger, but I still don't feel like I have any of those special Time powers you told me about!

Varga: I wasn't sure this training would help you with retrieving your Eternal Dragon powers, but who knows, perhaps you have regained more than you know!

«Fiamme appears»

Fiamme: <Hero>! Galanoth! We have to go! Now!

Galanoth: What is wrong, Lady Fiamme?

Fiamme: The Avatars need you back on Lore this instant! Tyndarius… He's--

A Few Moments Earlier

«Scene: Elius, Malgor, and Tyndarius»

Elius: Lord Tyndarius, I'm sorry, but it's no use! There are too many Elementals in our way to reclaim the Embersea…
Elius: I think it would be best if we retreat, tend to our injured, and settle in the new lands that we have conquered. The Onslaught Empire will still be much larger than it ever was!

Tyndarius: NO!!!
Tyndarius: I will now be denied the Embersea! Our people are counting on me! I promised them their home!

Elius: Your people understand the circumstances. The Embersea is just a place. We can make our home anywhere. Let us just stop this fighting!

Tyndarius: No! We *must* reclaim our homeland! Even if I have to do so myself!!!
Tyndarius: Elius, have our troops retreat to the South. Get as far away from the Icewing Army as possible. I will relocate my Elementals to the North to distract them.

Elius: Lord Tyndarius, you don't mean…
Elius: You can't!!!

Tyndarius: I will not be debating this with you, Elius. Do as you are ordered.

Elius: No! Innocent people will die!
Elius: I want to win the Embersea back as well, but not like this!

Tyndarius: I will not stand by any longer!
Tyndarius: You either retreat our troops to the South…
Tyndarius: Or they will burn too…

Elius: …Understood…

Malgor: May I ask what you are planning to do?

Tyndarius: What the Avatars have been too afraid to do!

Malgor: Don't tell me you are that stupid.

Tyndarius: !!!

Malgor: Do you want to lose? Because right now, with you and I in the Fire Plane, we have a very small chance of losing.
Malgor: But you go through with this plan of yours, you will ruin this for both of us!
Malgor: Do NOT make me regret making you the Fire Avatar, Tyndarius!
Malgor: All you have to do is stay put!

Tyndarius: My mind is made up! I WILL reclaim my home!

Malgor: Tyndarius, you idiot!!!
Malgor: I swear, if <Hero> doesn't kill you, I will slaughter you myself!!!

«Scene: Elius in Icestormarena»

«Giant Fireball heads towards people»

Icewing Grunt: Retreat!!! Re--


Tyndarius: Avatars!!! Do you see the power we possess?!
Tyndarius: The power you so willingly squander!
Tyndarius: Not I! Not when my people need me! Not when my people look and pray to me for guidance!
Tyndarius: This is what a true god does! He answers those prayers! He turns the enemies of his people to ash! No matter the cost!
Tyndarius: Even now, as Lore itself buckles under my power, you cower in fear! Of ME!!!
Tyndarius: You had taken everything from me!!! And now…
Tyndarius: You are powerless to stop me from taking all of this, all of Lore from YOU!!!

«Scene fades»

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