A Time Machine!



«Scene: a normal, non-winter Battleon Town town square»

Cysero: 'Twas the night before Frostval, and all through BattleOn…
Cysero: That warm winter weather wouldn't get its snow on!

Lim: Stop it. That's terrible.

Cysero: You think you can do better? Be my guest.

Lim: I will, thank you.
Lim: *AHEM*
Lim: So, like he was saying, winter didn't seem like it wanted to come this year.
Lim: And that was making everyone unhappy, because we all want a white Frostval, right?
Lim: It's just hard to get into that holiday mood when you're still wearing shorts.
Lim: We had to do something. But who is powerful enough to be able to change the weather?

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Warlic's Magic Shoppe»

Lim: Yep! An archmage. We had that very same thought, which is how we ended up here.
Lim: And we were like,

«Scene: Cysero and Warlic inside the shop»

Cysero: So, you can do this, right?
Warlic: Honestly, I have no idea. I've never tried.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Lim, Alina, Maya, and Sora to Hoshi are now standing in the shop, too»

Maya: I'm sure there's a book somewhere in my Librarium that can give some insight.

Alina: Maybe a +INT potion would help!

Warlic: Guys! Seriously, I'm trying to work. The snow will come when it's ready!

Cysero: Well, someone's gonna get coal in his stocking this year!

Lim: Yeah, where's your holiday spirit?

Sora to Hoshi: He just needs someone to help him find it. <3

«Warlic smacks his face with the book he's holding»

Warlic: I really don't.

Cysero: I know just the thing!

Lim: We had, in that room, both a time mage AND a scientist.

Cysero: And a Cysero!

Lim: Yes. And a Cysero.
Lim: And we combined our powers to create…

«Scene: there's now a giant machine in Warlic's shop. Also, the Hero is there, too»

Cysero & Lim: The Spacetimebobulator!

Warlic: The… what?

Lim: It's a time machine!

Cysero: Well, not EXACTLY a time machine.
Cysero: It doesn't take you back in time. Not really.

Lim: It summons pieces of your timeline - your past, and even future! - and lets you immersively experience them.

Warlic: …and what's the point of this, exactly?

Cysero: To wake up the holiday cheer in your cold, dark heart.

Warlic: What? My heart isn't dark, I'm just trying to work! Guys, come on.

Sora to Hoshi: We just want to remind you of how magical Frostval can be!

Hero: This actually sounds pretty fun.

Lim: It's super easy to use. Come on, let's try it out!
Lim: Remember: when the light on top is green, the Spacetimebobulator is ready to use.
Lim: When it's red, that means the immersive timeline experience isn't finished yet, and you'll have to wait before you can use the machine again.

Hero: Got it.
Hero: Alright, let's do this!

«Scene fades»

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