A Time For Healing


«Scene: the Charred Path - the Hero, Brentan, Lim, Twilly, and Warlic»

Warlic: You all look terrible. You really should have come back sooner!

«Twilly purifies everyone»

Lim: I'm going to have to make some adjustments to that PTM.

Twilly: Now go lay down for a while and regain your strength.
Twilly: Not even Twilly's healing magic will help you if you die out there in the yuck-lands.

Brentan: No. We have to stop this thing NOW.
Brentan: You haven't seen how bad it is out there.

Warlic: All the more reason to make sure you're at full strength when we attack.
Warlic: Shadowfall should be here soon. We'll go in together when they get here.

Brentan: By then, it may be too late! Extriki is heading toward the Greenguard Forest. We can't let it get there.
Brentan: I know it's risky. But a true leader is willing to face danger to save his people. And if I won't…

«Brentan glances at the Hero»

Brentan: …then I don't deserve to lead anyone.

Warlic: And if you die trying to save Greenguard, what then?
Warlic: <Hero>, please talk some sense into him.

Hero: No, he's right. This monster is utterly destroying the land. If it manages to reach Battleon…
Hero: Warlic, we can do this. Together, we're strong enough.
Hero: Please, help us stop this thing.

Warlic: Alright.
Warlic: But for the sake of all Lore, you'd better hope you don't fail.

«Scene fades»

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