A Thief


«Scene: Jinx, the Hero, and corrupted Yulgar in the attic of the Inn»

Yulgar: <Hero>…

Hero: Yulgar! Come on, man, you can fight this!

Yulgar: <Hero>… I… I…
Yulgar: …I can't.

«Yulgar vanishes in a puff of black flame»

Hero: Yulgar! No…
Hero: Arcana! Metrea! Juvania! You'll answer for this!

Jinx: They're not here. They left while you were fighting.
Jinx: Cowards…

Niknak: Not their fault. Minds are messed up… just like Yulgar's.
Niknak: They were friends… before.
Niknak: You stay and protect us… right?

Hero: Aw, buddy. I wish I could.
Hero: But this world… this is what happens if I don't go back and fight.
Hero: I HAVE to stop it. To stop HIM.
Hero: …to save my friends.

Niknak: But…what do we do now?
Niknak: If you go… there no one left to keep us safe.

Jinx: …l can show you how to get out of here.
Jinx: I've got a nice junk pile you can stay in.

Hero: Wow, really?

Jinx: Yeah. And, uh..

«Jinx holds out Teja's gem»

Jinx: Here.
Jinx: If this will help you to stop Malgor… to prevent… THIS…
Jinx: …then you should take it.

Hero: I could use your help too, you know.

Jinx: ME? I told you, I'm not a fighter. I'm just…

Hero: …a thief.
Hero: Someone who can get me into places I'm not supposed to be.
Hero: Like a castle. Or a throne room.

Jinx: Yeah.

Jinx: Yeah, ok. I can do that.

Jinx: For now, though…

«Jinx holds up the portal chakram»

Jinx: Let me just get us back OUT of here.
Jinx: One of the platforms back in my pocket dimension will take us up to the rift above Malgor's castle.
Jinx: From there, its up to you.

«Scene fades»

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