A Terrible Mistake


«Scene: Hero faces off against Gorgorath»

Gorgorath: Why do you take the side of these thieves?
Gorgorath: The Dragonslayer, the Paladin — them, I understand. But why do you fight me?

Hero: What are you talking about? They're not thieves!

Gorgorath: They are! The Jewel of the Undying is MINE!

«Close up of Gorgorath»

Gorgorath: The pirate Grim stole it from me many years ago.
Gorgorath: Buried deep in the earth, I could no longer sense it, could no longer find it!
Gorgorath: And now, it has been stolen again! But it is almost within my grasp!
Gorgorath: Help me reclaim it, and I will leave you all unharmed.

«Scene zooms back out»

Hero: You're just saying that because you know I can beat you!

Gorgorath: I won't deny that. But I do not lie!

«Close up of Hero»

Gorgorath: All I want is what's mine.

«Scene: Artix and Galanoth appear»

Artix: <Hero>! You are not really considering this, are you? That is a dracolich!

Galanoth: We can't allow that monster to become immortal!
Galanoth: We won't be able to stop her from destroying Lore if she does!

«Hero glances behind them»

Hero: Yeah, I know, I just-

«Gorgorath swipes the jewel from the Hero while they are not looking»

Hero: HEY!

«Gorgorath absorbs the Jewel of the Undying. Artix and Galanoth attempt to attack her, but their attacks are useless. Gorgoarath takes flight»

Gorgorath: You may have not meant to help me, but I've got what I need.
Gorgorath: If we see each other again, I will not be so kind.

«Gorogath flies off»

«Scene: Artix and Galanoth»

Artix: Oh no! This… this is our fault!

Galanoth: We let our rage… rage at the evil of dragons… rage at the undead… get the best of us.
Galanoth: We should have worked together to stop her.
Galanoth: And once we track her down, once we find her… we will.

«Scene fades»


«Scene fades»

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