A Tempting Offer


«Scene: Cecily leads her army of 100 angry princesses»

Princess Cecily: Alright, Lascivia, it's over!
Princess Cecily: You've stolen our boyfriends (and girlfriends!) from every corner of Lore.
Princess Cecily: Now, we've come to rescue them, and

«Zoom in on Cecily»

Princess Cecily: We.
Princess Cecily: ARE.
Princess Cecily: MAD!!!

«Scene: Lascivia guarding her captives»

Devotee: *cheer*

Lascivia: Come, now.
Lascivia: You don't really want to hurt me, do you?
Lascivia: You can stay here with me, instead.

«Cecily is enamored with Lascivia»

Lascivia: All I want is to make you happy.
Lascivia: I'll even forgive you for hurting my champion… as long as you take her place.

«Cecily snaps out of infatuation»

Princess Cecily: I don't think so.
Princess Cecily: GET HER!!!

«The princess attack Lascivia»


«Scene: Hero and Galanoth»

Hero: Wow. I'm… speechless.

Galanoth: We don't need to talk. We just need to fight!

«Scene fades»

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