A Temporary Truce / Temporary Truce


«Scene: a black screen»

…A little while later.

«Scene: the Hero in the Valley of Death with Safiria and Constantin»

Hero: … And then he turned into a bat and flew away.
Hero: I don't think he'll show up again. Not after he failed Wolfwing like that.

Safiria: To think, my greatest soldier was going to try to end my unlife…
Safiria: …And I had no idea. My pride blinded me to the threat that Wolfwing presents. I should thank you, dog.

Werewolf King: I do not want your thanks, Vampire Queen. I want you to hand over our prize so this foolish war can be put on hold.

Safiria: We cannot afford to continue losing soldiers to you animals. The Valley of Death is yours.
Safiria: …For now.

Werewolf King: Victory! AWOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!

Hero: Good. Now that the war is out of the way… for a while, anyway…
Hero: safiria, unless you want to lose ALL of Darkovia to Wolfwing, you and the Vampires MUST join us!

Safiria: the Vampires are with you, hero. Wolfwing must be stopped.
Safiria: But we have no idea what Wolfwing's plans are.

«Scene: a figure standing the shadows of the trees»

?????: That's not entirely true, Queen Safiria.

«Shadowslayer Z steps out of the shadows»

Hero: Shadowslayer Z!?

Safiria: I assume you've come to finish us off while both the Vampires and Lycans are at their weakest?

Werewolf King: Hunters pick off the slowest and weakest prey. It would be an honor to battle you to the death, Shadowslayer.

Shadowslayer Z: I'd love to drive both of your kind out of Darkovia forever… but without both of you we don't stand a chance.
Sahdowslayer Z: While you clowns were busy fighting each other, I was spying on the Werepyres. It's worse than we feared.

Hero: This has to do with the dragon. Is he feeding off of it like you suspected?

Shadowslayer Z: Worse. Far worse…
Shadowslayer Z: We have to move quickly. The next moon is the Mystic Wolf Moon when Wolfwing's powers will be at their strongest.

Shadowslayer Z: He plans on biting the dragon on that night. With the Mystic Wolf Moon in the sky and the Chaos increasing his power…
Shadowslayer Z: …He is going to CREATE the next Chaos Beast. He is going to make the dragon into a Dracowerepyre!

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