A Spookeasy, If You Will


«Scene: Hero lying on a beach»

Hero: Man, this is great. Warm sun, cold drink…
Hero: All my dreams have been so GOOD lately! I can't even remember the last time I had a nightmare.

Psst! Hey, <Hero>!

«Scene: Memet's head in a seashell»

Memet: Over here!

Hero: Welp. Guess that couldn't last.

Memet: It's been TERRIBLE! Oh, <Hero>, you have no idea.

Hero: No, actually it's been amazing. No nightmares. No YOU. Nothing but calm, happy dreams for months!

Memet: Ugh, I know!
Memet: I mean… I'm happy for you, I guess.

Hero: Gee, thanks.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero walks along a pink sky backdrop with clouds and rainbow, holding a unicorn balloon»

Hero: Wait a second… how did we get HERE?

Memet: It's a dream, <Hero>. Stop expecting it to make sense.
Memet: Anyway. You haven't been having any bad dreams because they've been outlawed.

Hero: Ha ha, what?

Memet: I'm serious! That's why I'm in disguise!
Memet: Relations between nightmares - like me - and so-called "good dreams" have been pretty strained lately.
Memet: I didn't really take it seriously at first. I mean, what could good dreams do to me?
Memet: Hmph. Make me illegal, that's what they can do.

Hero: Gosh, that's tragic.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero and Memet stand in a playground»

Memet: I know you're being sarcastic, but it IS. And not just for me, either.
Memet: Do you know how many of your favorite scary movies were inspired by someone's nightmares?
Memet: People LOVE to be afraid. Just a little bit, as long as they know they're really safe.
Memet: It makes them feel more alive.

Hero: Yeah, I guess that's true.

Memet: Anyway, we're here.

«Memet floats over to a slide and knocks it over, since it's just a cardboard cutout. There is a metal hatch on the ground where the slide was»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: The Hero and Memet (as a moglin) inside the Spookeasy»

Hero: Whoa. What's all this?

Memet: I told you, nightmares are illegal now.
Memet: Ever since Calico Cobby took control of the dream network, we can't make them out in the open.
Memet: So we created this nightmare speakeasy - a spookeasy, if you will.

Hero: That's pretty cool, actually.

Memet: I know, right?

Hero: So, I'm here to do what, exactly?

Memet: Take down this entire political infrastructure?

Hero: Okay, what am I REALISTICALLY here to do?

Memet: Alright, FINE.
Memet: You know who Criminy Thicket is?

Hero: OMG yes, he's one of my favorite authors! I love his dark, spooky stories.

Memet: He hasn't written in MONTHS - ever since the nightmares stopped, he's had NO inspiration!

Hero: Oh no!
Hero: Alright, that actually IS pretty awful. How can I help?

Memet: We need you to help us craft him a nice, scary dream…
Memet: And then we're gonna smuggle it into the dream network and get it to Criminy Thicket.

«Scene fades»

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