A Sparkly Vampire / Shiny Vampire


«Scene: the Hero runs around the Valley of Death»

Hero: Uh… Hi there!
Hero: you must be Safiria's greatest… warrior?

«Screen zooms out to reveal Edvard»

Edvard: I am Edvard, the greatest Vampire. Greater even than Safiria herself!

Hero: Is… is your head sparkling?

Edvard: The dark gift of vampirism affects each new vampire differently.

Hero: So you got a sparkly face?

Edvard: … That's correct.

Hero: Did the dark gift also come with an un-lifetime supply of hair gel?

«Screen zooms in on Edvard»

Edvard: Yeah, That's right! I use product!
Edvard: Maybe your hair looks like that naturally, but some of us need a little help.
Edvard: Besides, Beulah always said my hair looked nice. Before she left me for that… animal.

«Screen zooms back out»

Hero: Your girlfriend dumped you for a werewolf? Ouch.
Hero: She MUST have a thing for bad hair.

Edvard: It matters not! Wolfwing has promised me the power of Chaos if I finish you off!

Hero: You have turned you back on your Queen and your own kind?

Edvard: Safiria won't know until it's too late, and once I finish her for Wolfwing I will place the blame on the Lycans.
Edvard: They will find themselves in a war 100 times more deadly than the one they are in now.
Edvard: They will be so occupied with each other that they will never bother my master, Chaos Lord Wolfwing, ever again!

Hero: You're the worst kind of traitor. You're done….and Wolfwing is next.

Edvard: We shall see, mortal!

«Scene fades»

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