A Shocking Change


«Scene: Darkmoor Village»

Hero: Alright! The lightning rods have been set up across town…

«Screen moves to the left, showing villagers»

Hero: …and the villagers are all wearing their nice, new rubber-coated boots
Hero: Let's see how well the Drakel do against us NOW.

Drakel Soldier: Hey!
Drakel Soldier: What are you all doing out of your cages? Get back in there NOW!

«The Drakel Soldier attempts to shock the villagers, but the lightning rod absorbs the blast.

Drakel Soldier: What is this? What have you done??

Galanoth: We've grounded the village.

Hero: Lightning rods and rubber boots, my man!
Hero: You won't be able to mass-shock the villagers anymore!

Drakel Soldier: Insolent worms! Valsarian will not abide this!

Hero: Well, then he can come down here and take it up with me.

Drakel Soldier: Insignificant human! Valsarian would not deign to stoop so low!

Hero: That's ok.
Hero: We'll just go to him, instead.

Drakel Soldier:
Drakel Soldier: We're outnumbered!
Drakel Soldier: Close the gates!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Drakel guards standing next to a gate»

Drakel Soldier: Everyone head to the peak!

«Scene fades»

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