A Shattered Vigilette (1)


Note: Also see A Shattered Vigilette (2).

«Scene: On Mother TerrorDOOMKill's Nest»

Collector: Look at you! You've gotten all dusty!

Collector: I'll need to have you steamed when we get back.

Hero: Maybe later. We're leaving.

«Both Collector and Hero plays tug of war to get the Vigilette»

Collector: Let GO! You're going to overload the…

«The Vigilette is shattered»

Collector: Look what you have done! The pieces flew everywhere.

John F: Too bad, guess we can never go back to our cozy too.

Collector: It would take forever to find the parts.

Collector: It would be far faster to build a new Vigilette.

Collector: I can use parts from this era if I have at least one fragment of the original.

Collector: Then we can go back to home and you can go back in your display case.

Collector: Just… stay right here.

«Collector teleports to search for the fragment»

John L: We'll never get rid of this guy!

Drakath: It does look kinda hopeless.

Hero: We're not done yet. Did anyone see where the pieces went?

John F: Got it!

«John F picks a shard of Vigilette at the ground»

Hero: Great! He needs at least one fragment to build his new Vigilette.

Drakath: And if we get them all, he can't do it!

Hero: Exactly.

Hero: Lead on!

«Scene fades»

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