A Shadowy Benefactor


«Scene: the Hero, the purified head of Orochi, Kame, and Miko face Jaaku on Orochi's back»

Ai no Miko: It's over, Jaaku!
Ai no Miko: You can't hide behind your dragon any longer!

Jaaku: Ha, ha! And you think I stand no chance against you now, is that it?
Jaaku: With or without Orochi, I still have the power of a queen behind me!
Jaaku: The strength she gives me is more than enough to defeat you.

Hero: A queen? You don't think…

Ai no Miko: What is it, <Hero>?

Hero: That sounds a lot like the Queen of Monsters. Is SHE controlling him?

Jaaku: No one controls me!
Jaaku: For years I have striven to build my empire, piece by piece.
Jaaku: Only your father, Emperor Daisho, stood in my way!
Jaaku: My queen has given me the power to defeat him, to take Akiba, and to rule Yokai as I was meant to.
Jaaku: She does not control me — she has freed me!

Hero: Jaaku, I know this queen. I've seen what she does to people… what she's done to Lore.
Hero: What is she making you do in return for all of this?

Jaaku: All she asks that I allow her people to live here once it is mine.
Jaaku: Such a small favor for someone who has given me so much.

Hero: Yokai, full of monsters… led by their Queen's puppet.

Ai no Miko: I will never allow that to happen.

Jaaku: You? You are a princess… a priestess.
Jaaku: What do you think you can do…

«Jaaku becomes engulfed by shadows, his eyes glowing red»

Jaaku: Against this?

«Ai no Miko readies a fighting stance»

Ai no Miko: Let me show you.

«Scene fades»

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