A Secret Meeting


«Scene: Stonewood Forest with Deadtech Fortress in the background»

So that's it… the Deadtech Fortress.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Hero standing in the forest with Stellaria»

Hero: I gotta say, it looks a lot more imposing from this angle.

«Hero looks at Stellaria»

Stellaria: And that's what our whole world will be like if we don't stop their advance.
Stellaria: I need you to stay here, <Hero>. The meeting I'm about to have is TOP SECRET.

«Hero scratching back of their head»

Hero: Top Secret? Even from me?

Stellaria: I will tell you when I get back, promise. If anyone is spotted with me… they might call the whole thing off.

Hero: So you want me to stand here like an NPC while you go do all the secret hero stuff?

Stellaria: Pleeeeaaaaseeee….

«Hero points at Stellaria»

Hero: *sighs* Fine. Go forth on your quest young hero… have a secret meeting with some secret things.

«Stellaria turns around»

Stellaria: I'll be back soon.

«Stellaria runs away»

Hero: Sure. I'll just… stand here and keep saying this to other heroes who show up.

«Scene: Hero looks around»

Hero *sigh*

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Black screen»

A Few Moments Later…

«Scene: Hero looking at a headband with cat ears on the ground»
«Hero picks up the cat ears»

Hero: Stellaria left her… cat ears behind? I hope this wasn't important.

«Scene fades»

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