A Ritual Sacrifice


«Scene: the Hero's group standing Count Maxius' ritual room. Count Maxius himself stands on top of the ritual circle.»

Count Maxius: No! NO! This can't be happening! I… I-

«Count Maxius glows white»


«Count Maxius vanishes into blue light»

Hero: What… was that?

Barnabus: THAT was a ritual sacrifice.
Barnabus: Though, it wasn't the one my lord had wanted, or expected.

«Hero turns to look at Barnabus»

Hero: YOU!

Barnabus: Indeed.

Hero: I thought we'd gotten rid of you! Boy, you'd better make yourself scarce.

Barnabus: Oh, do calm down. I'm not here to fight.
Barnabus: I only regret that Count Maxius is not here to finish the rest of the ritual.
Barnabus: We could have finally reversed his curse…
Barnabus: …and brought his castle, along with everyone in it, back to Lore for good!

«Scene: Safiria talks to Barnabus»

Safiria: Barnabus, do you… KNOW the ritual?

Barnabus: Of course I do! I've been helping my lord prepare it for centuries!
Barnabus: …and I do seem to find myself in need of a new master.

«Scene: Constantin and Safiria»

Constantin: Safiria! What are you plotting?

Safiria: Nothing that concerns you, wolf.

Constantin: I'll be keeping my eye on you.
Constantin: Until the Blood Moon sets… nothing you do will escape my notice.

Safiria: You do what you feel you have to do.
Safiria: And so will I.

«Scene fades»

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