A Real Hero


«Scene: Memet firing a water gun»


«Byrodax is hit by the gun and starts glowing»


Dax: What a world, what a world!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Byro and Dax are separated»

Byro: You… you saved us!

Dax: Thank you! Thank you!

Memet: I know! I'm a total hero.
Memet: Hang on, I have a call coming in.

«Scene: Memet converses with a hologram of Zorba the Bakk»

Zorba the Bakk: Heya Memet! How goes the hunt?

«Scene: Zorba and Memet look at the Hero, Byro, and Dax»

Zorba the Bakk: Oh HEY! Looks like it's going pretty well! Ha, ha!

Byro: Aw, man. You DIDN'T save us.

Dax: Can you put us back the way we were?

Zorba the Bakk: What? NO! You punks owe me money and I intend to collect!

Byro: But we're broke!

Zorba the Bakk: Hmm. Tell ya what.
Zorba the Bakk: Why don't you give me that asteroid over there and we'll call it even?

Hero: No way.

Memet: Nuh-uh.

Dax: You've got a deal!

Zorba the Bakk: Excellent. I'll have my people call your people. We'll work something out.

«Zorba the Bakk's hologram fades away»

Byro: Hey, thanks! I take it back - you really ARE the best!

Dax: We're getting Zorba off our back AND getting rid of this killer asteroid at the SAME TIME!

Hero: Can we like, get out of here before the "fun" starts?

Memet: Yep.

«Scene fades»

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