A REAL Ghost Ship!



«Scene: The Hero defeats Cecaelia»

«Scene: Close up of Cecaelia»

Cecaelia: You'll never take my ship, human!

«Scene: Close up of the Hero»

Hero: I don't even WANT your stinking ship! Sea witch!

«The Hero holds up an electric eel»

Hero: The only thing I want…

«The Hero tosses the eel through the air to Cecaelia. which shocks her»

Hero: …is to get the heck off this ship!

«Scene: The Merdraconian pirates look at the stunned Cecaelia»

Merdraconian: Cecaelia!

Merdraconian: Help her, help her!

Merdraconian: Oh, what have they done?

«Scene: Close up of a confused Merdraconian»

Merdraconian: …Hey, where did they go?

«Scene: The Hero and Aurelio Voltaire swimming away»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: The Hero and Voltaire on the deck of a ship»

Hero: (Huff, puff) Did they follow us?

Aurelio Voltaire: I don't think so.
Aurelio Voltaire: Let's get the heck out of here!

Hero: Hold up a minute.

«Scene: Voltaire looks through a telescope at another ship in the distance, with the Hero standing behind him»

Hero: What the heck is that??

Aurelio Voltaire: It looks like a ghost ship… a REAL ghost ship!
Aurelio Voltaire: And… oh no.

«Scene: Hargoyle appears in the telescope on the ghost ship»

Aurelio Voltaire: Hargoyle is on board!

«Scene fades»

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