A Poultry Future


«Scene: Zeuster reveals to appears to Lart in a chicken-invaded Battleon Town»

Zeuster: I am Zeuster, god of the Chickencows. I have heard the cries of your kindred.

Lart: Gad-ZEUSTER! I had HEARD of you, but I did not think you were REAL!

Zeuster: The heroes of Battleon are strong and brave. But they do not have what you need.

Lart: BAH. Humans! Of course they don't. I'd renounce my humanity, but… I can serve the chickens better as one.
Lart: All I want is for the chickens of Lore to gain the respect they deserve. Is that so wrong?
Lart: I thought if I could show men how strong chickens could be… that's why we're fighting.
Lart: That and… searching for a way to become even STRONGER and BETTER and FASTER.

Zeuster: I know. Every chick you've guided… every egg you've saved from smashing has been leading you here. And now.
Zeuster: YOU are the last, best hope to save the chickens of Lore from a poultry fate. But it will not be easy.

Lart: !!!!! Me? The chicken savior? What do you… what must I… fate? I don't understand!
Lart: But I'll do anything - go anywhere - to help the chickens.

Zeuster: If the chickens of Lore do not evolve, they are fated to die before the end of the year.
Zeuster: The blood of ALL chickens has been cursed… but there is a way to save them. And help them become a magnificent as you wish.

Lart: … What is it? Where do I need to go? And what do I need to do?

Zeuster: You must find the Fowl Deathbringer, an ancient dragon who will be the death of all chickens… and their salvation.
Zeuster: One day, ages from now, drickens will roam across Lore. And YOU must ensure the cross-breeding is successful!
Zeuster: This is your quest, and you are the sole human alive who can complete it. But you do not need to go alone…
Zeuster: If you find heroes who feel the way you do, they may accompany you in your search for the Fowl Deathbringer.

«Scene fades»

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