A People Divided


«Scene: Madra and the Hero stand in a twisted forest.»

Madra: "If you try to stop her, there will be war".
Madra: That's what Eremon said.

Hero: Don't worry. We'll beat 'em. There's always a way.

Madra: I admire your confidence, and I have no doubt that we will.
Madra: You do always seem to find a way. But…
Madra: A Primarch, going to war against he own people?

Hero: You have to know you're doing the right thing.

Madra: For Lore, yes. Even for the Darkblood, whether they realize it or not.
Madra: But our race has always been united, and now… I feel so alone.

???: You are not alone, Primarch.

«Scene zooms out to reveal many other Darkblood standing nearby»

Thedra: We will stand with you.

Salthos: Eremon may have brought many of us into his cult, but some can see the truth.

Madra: Thedra! Salthos! All of you…

Hindar: We're here for you, Primarch.

Madra: This means more than I can say.
Madra: But, Salthos… where is Nerali?

«Close up of Salthos»

Salthos: My wife still believes in Eremon. She won't be joining us.

«Close up of Madra»

Madra: I am truly sorry to hear that.

«Scene zooms back out»

Madra: For the first time, our people are truly divided.

Salthos: At least not all have been deceived.

«Scene fades»

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