A Once-Great Wizard


«Scene: the Hero, Polish, and Murry in the Citadel caves»

Polish: <Hero>! Thank you for coming.

Hero: I gotta say, I wasn't expecting to hear from you.

«Screen focuses on Murry»

Hero: I wasn't expecting to see him here with you, either.

Polish: He's the reason I called you here. He desperately needs our help!
Polish: He's been like this since he escaped from the Inquisition.
Polish: He got out of there physically intact, but their "mana vacuums" had sucked the magic right out of him.
Polish: Unfortunately, the process of extraction left him with a damaged mind.
Polish: A wizard's magic isn't merely something he wields, you see.
Polish: It's part of him — ingrained in every fiber of his being.
Polish: And without it… well…

Murry: No, no, no. I told you! My lawn is just FINE. It doesn't need to be mown!

«Hero rubs the back of their head»

Hero: …I see.

Polish: He's been slowly deteriorating ever since he escaped.
Polish: And I've been keeping an eye on him, trying to keep him safe.
Polish: But now…
Polish: I'm afraid that if we don't do something, SOON, there won't be anything left of him.
Polish: <Hero>, he needs our help.

Hero: But how can we help him?

Polish: The solution to his ailment lies in the same place that created it.

«Dramatic close-up of Polish»

Polish: …in the Citadel.

«Scene pans up and fades»

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