A Noble Sacrifice


«Scene: The Throne of Darkness villains stand around their table»

Ziri: Wow! <Hero> actually found <his/her> way to your tower!

Scarletta: I was quite impressed. Either <Hero> is a natural genius, or <he/she> has been to the mirror realm before.

«Scene: The Hero stands outside of Scarletta's Tower of Mirrors»

Scarletta: <Hero>? Where did you…
Scarletta: So I figured maybe I'd give <him/her> a shot!

Hero: What the heck… there's no keyhole?!
Hero: How am I supposed to get in?

«Scene: The Hero stands next to the mirror in the ShatterGlass Maze»

Hero: Oh, man. I can't believe i'm going to do this again.
Hero: Mirror, mirror, on the wall…
Hero: Who's the prettiest of them all?
Hero: D'oh! It's not working.
Hero: Oh, right. OK, here we go. *ahem*
Hero: Scarletta, Scarletta, Scarletta.

«Scarletta appears in the mirror with a flash of light.»

Scarletta: Hello, again.

Hero: Ok, Scarletta. I made it to the tower.
Hero: Now, where are those missing girls?

Scarletta: Well, tell you what. You hand yourself over to me, and I won't have to kill all of them right now.

Hero: WHAT?!?!

Scarletta: That IS your deepest desire, is it not? To save everyone?
Scarletta: I don't mess around like your typical villain. I like to get to the point.
Scarletta: In front of you, you see two mirrors.
Scarletta: If you wish to surrender, and save everyone I have imprisoned here, step into the mirror on the left.
Scarletta: However, if you'd like me to go ahead and kill everybody, by all means, step into the the mirror on the right.
Scarletta: So, which will it be?

«Scene: A split screen with two identical, mirrored, mirrors. The screen glows slightly off-center, to the left.»

«Dialogue choice:»

  • No, don't hurt anybody, I surrender!
  • I'll never negotiate with a villain! I'm coming for you, and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

«The Hero runs into a mirror and disappears»

Scarletta: They were both traps!
Scarletta: Gotcha!

«Scene: The Throne of Darkness meeting room»

Scarletta: And THAT is how I trapped <Hero> in one of my mirrors.


Xeight: You actually did it!

Sekt: Good show!

Ziri: So, what did <he/she> see on the inside of the mirror?

«The screen zooms on the Hero standing in front of a mirror in a black area»

Hero (thinking): Oh, man. This isn't good.

To be continued inSIDE the
Throne of Darkness
Tower of Mirrors!

«Scene fades»

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