A Newfound Power


«Scene: the Hero cuts the overgrown plants, but jumps back in surprise»

«Scene: Aria has been corrupted by Kolyaban and turned into a monster»

Hero: Aria?!
Hero: Oh, no! What has she done to you?

Aria: …<Hero>?

Hero: Don't worry, Aria. It's going to be ok. We'll…
Hero: …we'll get you out of here.

Aria: Why would I leave?
Aria: I made this place. Well… Kolyaban helped me.
Aria: She helped me realize how much I had been limiting myself.

«Aria starts summoning a rock monster»

Aria: See?

Eremon: Behold, the power of the First!

Hero: Aria, what's going on?
Hero: This isn't you…

Aria: Does it frighten you?
Aria: You're not the most powerful being on Lore, anymore.
Aria: Together, Kolyaban and I can tear down the entire world…
Aria: …and recreate it in the image of the Queen of All Monsters.

Hero: Aw, Aria, no…

Aria: I know - you have to try to stop me.
Aria: You don't understand the beauty of it yet.

Hero: Aria, you're my friend. I don't want to have to fight you.

«Close up of Aria»

Aria: I don't want to fight you, either.
Aria: Luckily…

«The rock monster grows»

Aria: I don't have to.

«Scene fades»

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