A New Queen



«Scene: the Feegrix Queen is defeated and a crystal appears from her, which shatters. The crystals on the heads of the Furbles shatter. Oishii and Artix wake up in a prison cell»

Oishii: Let's NEVER talk about this again.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero, Memet, Oishii, and a bunch of other staff members at a Harvest Day feast table»

Oishii: So, you just let the rest of them go?

Hero: Yeah. Without their queen's influence, they were just kinda… cute.

Memet: <He/She> means 'pathetic'.

Hero: Yeah, I kinda do.
Hero: Anyway, they didn't look like they were capable of… much of anything, really.
Hero: So, until they can find a new queen, I think we're safe.

Memet: At least they can still grow themselves an endless supply of meat kibble!

Hero: Ugh, PLEASE stop calling it that.

Oishii: But that stuff was mind-melding them with the queen, right?
Oishii: I wonder what it's doing to them NOW?

Hero: Ha, ha. I have NO idea.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: a gathering of Furbles on their ship»

Gurk: Hey there, friendo! I just had the SPOOKIEST dream.

Bork: Nom nom nom! Nightmares are SO tasty!

Chük: I just got a wacky idea for mass producing them! Who wants to help?

«Scene fades»

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