A New King


«Scene: Lycan Ridge»

Slewpaw: Go no further, one-shape. This is no place for your kind.

Hero: I need to speak with your king.

Slewpaw: First the king must be decided.

«Scene: Lycan Ridge Cave»

Constantin: Our king has failed us. We have been at war with the unnatural for too long. You are throwing the lives of the pack away!
Constantin: Our proud nation needs a new Alpha!

Werewolf King: You are weak, Constantin. You talk and talk like the one-shapes.
Werewolf King: If we want more land… more MEAT… we must TAKE it from the vampires.

Constantin: Our packs are under attack from the Werepyres. The vampires must be defeated, but Wolfwing is the threat NOW.
Constantin: *Grrrrrrrrr* You are old and blind. Your teeth are as dull as your wits.

Werewolf King: Enough talk! WE FIGHT!

«Fight scene, Constantin beats Werewolf King»

Constantin: I am now the Werewolf King. HONOR ME!

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