A New Envoy


«Scene: Dark Screen with Text»

Tyndarius: Elius, it was you that first welcomed me back when I returned to our people.

«Scene: Tyndarius and Elius»

Tyndarius: While some of the older veterans turned their backs to me, it was you who convinced them to return to the Onslaught.
Tyndarius: I see the Fire in your eyes and know you will do everything in your power for our people.
Tyndarius: That is why I am choosing you to be my Envoy.

Elius: Are you sure, Lord Tyndarius?!
Elius: There are far more seasoned veterans, those who fought with you from the very beginning, that are surely more worthy!

Tyndarius: I am certain.
Tyndarius: From what I'm told, Avatars see their Envoys as their children. Vessels that they can shape and mold to do great good.
Tyndarius: I believe you to be capable of much good, Elius.

Elius: Thank you, Lord Tyndarius.
Elius: I will not let you down.

Tyndarius: I know you won't.
Tyndarius: Arise, my Envoy.

«Scene: Hero and Galanoth»

Galanoth: This way! We must hurry!
Galanoth: We have to make it back to that portal we saw when we first entered this Plane.
Galanoth: Or else…
Galanoth: I'm afraid Lady Fiamme won't make it…

«Scene fades»

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