A New Alliance (2)


«Scene: Sepulchure and Noxus stand in front of the Tower of Necromancy and Victorious' skeleton»

Sepulchure: The alliance you're offering is… an interesting proposal.

Noxus: You don't sound convinced.

Sepulchure: I'm the Champion of Darkness. This armor has granted me power beyond imagining.
Sepulchure: What could you possible offer me?

Noxus: I don't deny your power. I wouldn't be here if I underestimated you.
Noxus: But I am the greatest necromancer to ever live! Do not underestimate ME, either.


Noxus: Sepulchure. What is it that you want?
Noxus: You are jealous.
Noxus: No, don't bother to deny it. I can see what's in your heart.

«Close up of Sepulchure's glowing red eyes»

Noxus: Your friend has everything, doesn't he?
Noxus: He has the throne. The girl. Everything given to him, nothing left for you.

«Scene moves out to have Noxus in the foreground»

Noxus: But you are more deserving. Braver. Stronger.
Noxus: You will show the world what you are worth, and you will rule not only Swordhaven, but all of Lore.
Noxus: Lynaria will recognize you as her king. Alteon will bow to you. You will have everything you have always deserved.
Noxus: This is what I can do for you.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Sepulchure imagines Victorious floating in the air with a castle on her back»

Noxus: A fortress not rooted to a single kingdom…
Noxus: …and an endless army of the undead to destroy any who oppose you.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Sepulchure and Noxus stand around»

Sepulchure: And you're doing this out of the kindness of your own heart, are you?

Noxus: Ha. No, of course not.

Sepulchure: Of course not.

Noxus: But I don't need much.
Noxus: Just take care of a little problem for me.
Noxus: The Lightguard have long been a thorn in my side here in Doomwood.

«Scene: Noxus from the front»

Noxus: But it seems my new school for necromancers has caught their attention.
Noxus: As our numbers have increased, so have theirs. Their attacks are becoming more frequent.
Noxus: This would be nothing to you. Like swatting at gnats. Get rid of them for me…
Noxus: …and I'll give you everything.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Sigrid Sunshield, with a telescope up to her eye, and General Goldhammer observe Sepulchure and Noxus from afar»

Sigrid Sunshield: The Doomknight armor.
Sigrid Sunshield: So it's true. Valen really has fallen.

«Sigrid lowers her telescope»

Sigrid Sunshield: Keep an eye on them both.

«General Goldhammer raises his hammer»

General Goldhammer: Affirmative.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Sigrid stand alone next to a tree»

Sigrid Sunshield: Whatever they're planning, I have a feeling it's going to come to a head very soon.
Sigrid Sunshield: And when it does, we must be ready.

«Scene fades»

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