A New Alliance? (1)


«Grrrberus and Hero in battle, Scorn appears and takes over Grrrberus»

«Change scene; Hero and Dage at Dage's Fortress»

Dage: How much do you know about Scorn, Queen of Vengeance?

Hero: Um. Just that she REALLY hates you, and is turning any female she can against you.

Dage: She was never this powerful while she was alive…
Dage: If I knew she had so much potential, I would have turned her to my side.
Dage: Her ability to force her way into my home speaks of great stregnth… and a desire for revenge I can respect.
Dage: She alway loathed violence, and ambition, and sough peace. And yet…

Hero: Now she wants PIECE. Of you. Fed to that giant garbage diposal you call a pet.

Dage: I may be able to contain her rage. But she will have to be… chained.

Hero: I know where this is going.

Dage: A strong ruler is the backbone of a nation. She could have been that, alongside me.
Dage: But she was WEAK. Afraid to commit. That is no longer true.

Hero: Even if I DID capture her, and try to convince her to ally with you…
Hero: How do you know you can trust her?

Dage: I do not. But she was loyal to me ocne, and might be again.
Dage: With her power, and force of persuasion, it is worth pursuing.
Dage: I am surrounded by betrayal, and if I can nullify her rage, use her power -

Hero: You gain an army, and your enemies lose one.

«Change scene, Scorn at Dage's Fortress portal»

Scorn had done what she came to do…

«Scorn enters the portal»

The information she ripped from the minds of Dage's minions was more than useful…

It gave her the key to -

«Change scene, Scorn outside Dage's Fortress with a shadowed figure»

Scorn: An alliance. With me. Against the Evil One.
Scorn: He will stop at nothing to destroy you, and what you are working for. NOTHING!

???: Hmm. Laken told me much about him. And now you bring this news.
???: So much in our world needs changing. And that starts with Dage the Evil.
???: He does not know about me. And my friends CANNOT know about you!
???: After I make my move and the dust settles, then you and I can create new plans for a world filled with Good and Light and Justice.

«Scene fades»

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