A Mysterious DoomKnight

Verus DoomKnight Trainer
The Shadows beckon to you, and only you. Forget the Shadowscythe, forget Emperor Sepulchure. What you could achieve as a Verus DoomKnight, the one True DoomKnight, will overshadow all of their achievements. An Age of Shadow is on the horizon, and you will have the power to reign supreme in a new empire. Do not ignore this destiny. It will come for you, whether you agree or not.

What is a Verus DoomKnight?
The True DoomKnight – a being empowered by Shadows and Doom, meant to be their Champion. It was once thought that Sepulchure would be the Verus DoomKnight, but he was a fraud and a failure. The Shadows have opened their eyes, and look to you – their destined ruler. Give yourself to Doom and it will bond itself to you, granting unfathomable power. This time, we will succeed. Lore will return to the Shadows.

How to Get?
I am but a puppet, speaking for a Mysterious Stranger that waits for you on the outskirts of Termina Temple. He will offer quests that retrace Sepulchure’s steps, and have you build the foundation of a new undead army. You will need to be level 40 to begin, but the final quest requires level 80. Taking this path will lead you to achieve Rank 10 in Evil, and obtain several items with ties to Doom.

- Termina Temple

How to Use?
Recommended Enhancement: Lucky.
Use Unleash Doom once you’ve accrued 10 stacks of Doom to strengthen your abilities. If Unleashed Doom is activated or is already active, you Gather Darkness, which is used to empower the next skill you use with an additional effect.

Location: Class Hall D


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