A Lost Vault


«Scene: Gravelyn and Treasure Hunter Z with the Hero in Shadowfall»

Gravelyn: <Hero>. I'm glad you could make it.

Hero: I came as fast as I could. What can I do to help you and… uh.
Hero: Who's this?

Gravleyn: <Hero>, meet Treasure Hunter Z.

Treasure Hunter Z: Hi! Pleased to meet you.

Gravelyn: I caught this one sneaking around inside the fortress. Thought he'd loot my own home right under my nose.

Hero: Ha, ha. Seriously? I'm surprised he's still breathing.

Gravelyn: He would make a good skeletal minion, wouldn't he?
Gravelyn: But I thought we'd work together in a different way instead.
Gravelyn: I'm actually in need of a treasure hunter, and despite being caught, he does seems to be a good one.

Hero: You need a treasure hunter… to do what, exactly?

Gravelyn: To break into the ruins of a crashed Shadowscythe ship.

Hero: Whoa.

Gravelyn: Apparently, back when Iadoa was playing around with space and time, a portal opened up and something slipped through.
Gravelyn: A spaceship belonging to a race of alien beings spawned from the darkness itself.
Gravelyn: …the same darkness that was inside my father, and is still inside me.

«Close up of Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: I can feel the energy inside it, the kinship between these creatures and myself.
Gravelyn: But I can't get IN.
Gravelyn:The creatures guarding it attack anyone who goes near it. Including me.

«Screen moves left to show Treasure Hunter Z»

Treasure Hunter Z: And that's where I come in.
Treasure Hunter Z: Go in… kill 'em all… get the treasure… and in exchange, I get to keep breathing.

«Scene returns to Hero, Treasure Hunter Z, and Gravelyn»

Hero: And you trust him?

Gravelyn: Ha. No.
Gravelyn: That's why YOU'RE here.

Treasure Hunter Z: Well, that and my old partner isn't around anymore. It's going to be great to get an assist from Lore's greatest adventurer!

Gravelyn: Z… you talk too much.

Treasure Hunter Z: Shutting up now.

Gravelyn: You're honorable, <Hero>. I know you'll keep him honest.

«Treasure Hunter Z looks towards Gravelyn»

Treasure Hunter Z: Empress, you wound me!

«Scene: Close up of Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: I will… if you fail me.
Gravelyn: But get into this ship… bring me back what's inside. And I'm willing to be extremely generous with the spoils.

«Scene fades»

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