A Life Caught in Balance


«Scene: Galanoth and Hero fighting»

Fiamme: <Hero>. Galanoth. They are here.
Fiamme: Malgor! He's-

Malgor: Malgor is what?

Fiamme: What are you? What is your plan?

Malgor: You know, for an Avatar, your armies aren't very godlike.

Fiamme: You *dare* stand against The Avatars?

Malgor: Yes, I do.
Malgor: And do you know why, Lady Fiamme?
Malgor: It's because you are all corrupt!

Malgor: You have the power of gods and yet you sit in your Elemental Planes, watching as humanity suffers!
Malgor: When Drakath and his Chaos Lords wreaked havoc on Lore, none of you stood against him.
Malgor: Any one of you could have lifted a finger and wiped out his armies!

Malgor: And what of the Queen of Monsters?
Malgor: As she destroyed families, killed loved ones, turned friends into monsters! What did you do?!
Malgor: Nothing!!!

Malgor: So when you ask me, what's my "plan"?
Malgor: I will tell you. My plan…

Malgor: To do something about humanity's pain!
Malgor: To do something about their suffering! Their anguish!
Malgor: I can't bear to see it! Not anymore!

Fiamme: You don't understand…
Fiamme: As Avatars we are not allowed to interfere!
Fiamme: We are only to maintain balance!

Tyndarius: Balance?
Tyndarius: Is that what my life was?
Tyndarius: Balance!

Tyndarius: Tell me then, if you Avatars are to maintain balance, why did Lady Neso take my power from me?!
Tyndarius: She took everything from me that day!
Tyndarius: And for what?

Tyndarius: This so-called balance that you speak of?
Tyndarius: I may not have been the "Hero" to people of Lore…
Tyndarius: But I was the hero to my people!

Tyndarius: And you abandoned them!
Tyndarius: You abandoned me!
Tyndarius: You don't deserve the power you hold!

Tyndarius: That is why we are here…

«Dark Screen with Text»

Tyndarius: To take it from you…

«Scene: Hero and Galanoth»

Galanoth: Lady Fiamme? Lady Fiamme?!
Galanoth: She's not answering!

Hero: We have to hurry!

«Place shakes slightly»

Hero: No way! I beat you before! I don't have time for you!

Galanoth: Sorry, <Hero>, but it looks like we need to go through him first!

«Scene fades»

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