A Larger Threat


«Scene: Constantin's camp in Darkovia»

Constantin: The Vampires think we are doing this? How dare they!
Constantin: We are creatures of nature, the sons and daughters of Father Forest.
Constantin: We would never ally ourselves with evil, unnatural beings such as these!
Constantin: It is more likely that Solani attempted an alliance with them, and failed.
Constantin: …and is now trying to blame the fallout on us.

Hero: Man… you guys and the Vampires…
Hero: You ALWAYS blame each other when something goes wrong! This is like Wolfwing all over again!
Hero: I know you guys are mortal enemies, I get it.
Hero: But this stuff would get handled SO much faster if you weren't so distracted with fighting each other!

Constantin: You are right, one-shape.

Hero: -and another thing, I… wait, really?

Constantin: The Vampires are our enemies.
Constantin: But for now, we must forget those differences, and focus on a much larger threat.

Hero: Finally, someone's being sensible about all this!
Hero: Now! Let's take on some Infernals!

«Scene fades»

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