A Huge, Scary Demon


«Scene: Upon reaching the top of the Infernal Spire»

Hero: Over here! It's not a weapon they were creating - it's an entire arsenal!
Hero: There's so much… I hate to think what they're planning to do with all this stuff.
Aranx: Hurry, we must destroy it before-

«Scene: You both heard the sound of someone walking near from behind and turn to look. It appears to be a gigantic demonic beast, and when it stops, it spits out a pile of demonic liquid»

Hero: …before a huge, scary demon comes in to stop us.
Aranx: Oh, hey! You must be the leader of this Infernal invasion! I've been looking for you!
Aranx: Come on, Hero! Let's send this thing back where it came from!
Hero: You got it!

«Scene fades»

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