A Huge Fan


«Scene: the Hero holds up the Axe of Song in triumph in the crowd in front of the Alice in Chains concert»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero and Z backstage with the band»

Band: Hey, thanks for taking care of our ghost problem!

Hero: No problem! Discovering how songs die, and what brings them back..
Hero: …It's probably the strangest quest I've ever gone on.

Z: At least we got rid of that ghost, though.

«The Banshee appears behind everyone»

Z: …or NOT.

Hero: Hey, I thought you were defeated!

Band: Actually, she asked if she could join us on tour. Everyone really loved it!

Hero: Seriously?

Ghost of Songs Unsung: Yeah, I'm a huge Alice in Chains fan!

Band: And having a giant monster on stage really brought our show to life!

Ghost of Songs Unsung: Or… UNLIFE, if you will.

Hero: Ho, boy.
Hero: Well, I'm glad everything seems to have worked out.

Band: Hope to come back to Battleon real soon!

«Scene fades»

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