A History of Battleon

Compiled by Warlic
After a long and arduous journey, our group finally made it to Greenguard forest! Recorded in these pages is the story of how we arrived here. To all the heroes who helped us move town, Battleon owes you a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid (but it CAN be replayed). Thank you.

Cutscene #1 2nd Lord of Chaos-es
I fear that town of Battleon will be destroyed by the Meteors. They are headed straight here and there is no force powerful enough to stop them. There is nothing we can do to stop them. Speak with the other players and perhaps you can suggest some other plan!

Cutscene #2 Meeting of the Mages
It is your task to tell everyone what is about to happen and get as many magic users as you can to come to town on Friday. Then, together, thousands of us will levitate and then teleport Battleon! I will start preparing the spell, good luck!

Cutscene #3 Teleporting Town
The Flux has been collected, and the teleportation has begun! Who knows what will happen now!

Cutscene #4 Warlic & Cysero
We are hanging by a thread! Even the slightest movement might send us over the edge!

Cutscene #5 Teleporting Town…again
Indeed. Greenguard Forest is a forest full of legend, adventure and danger. The perfect home for the town of Battleon and the brave heroes which have made it famous.



Thanks to Alcyneous.

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