A Hero's Sacrifice


«Scene: Akriloth is being beaten by the Hero and the Dragonslayers.»

Galanoth: Now, <Hero>! Channel the Claymore's power!

«The Hero holds up the Frozen Claymore, and the Claymore glows. Akriloth flashes white for an instant and is weakened.»

Akriloth: WHAT!?

Demento: The Claymore is working! The time to strike is now!

«The Hero deals the finishing blow with the Claymore. Akriloth has fallen.»

Hero: *huff* We did it! *huff* it's finally over.

«Akriloth's body explodes.»

Hero: Yep, it's definitely over.

Galanoth: Good job, <Hero>! You have achieved a feat not many heroes do.

Hero: Slaying Akriloth? D'aww, well, thanks! But you guys helped some, too!

Demento: Haha, no. Though that WAS impressive!
Demento: You accepted your losses, and you learned from them.
Demento: You avenged those we were unable to save, and you came back stronger.
Demento: You did not let your past failures control your future.
Demento: And because of that, you already are one of Lore's mightiest heroes.

Hero: Thank you, Demento.

Galanoth: Well said, brother!

???: Couldn't have said it better myself…

«The mysterious being back from Ashenvale approaches them.»

Hero: Who are you? What are you doing here?

Drakonnan: My name is Drakonnan, and I'm looking for revenge.
Drakonnan: Akriloth came to my village while I was away. He destroyed everything.
Drakonnan: People burned in their homes. My FAMILY burned!
Drakonnan: And so called 'heroes' like yourself stood by and let it happen.
Drakonnan: Now Akriloth, too, is dead! I suppose I have you to thank…

«Drakonnan summons an orange ball, and in it is a flame.»

Galanoth: The Fire Orb?! But how?!

Hero: He was using it to control Akriloth!

Demento: You… you made Akriloth attack Ashenvale! But… why?

Drakonnan: I want EVERYONE to feel the same pain that I do!
Drakonnan: Akriloth WAS the most destructive force I had in my arsenal.
Drakonnan: But with him gone, you've freed up more Fire Energy in the Elemental Planes.
Drakonnan: More energy for me to control! Now I will burn the world!
Drakonnan: And the only thing standing in my way… is you!

«Drakonnan uses the Fire Orb to shoot a fire ball. The Hero blocks it with the Frozen Claymore, but the Claymore shatters.»

Hero: No!

Drakonnan: Ha! It was that easy! With the Claymore gone, you have no hope of stopping me!
Drakonnan: Goodbye, "heroes." Your service has been greatly appreciated!

«Drakonnan lunges for the Hero. The scene turns white.»

Demento: NO!

«The scene returns to show Demento, stabbed in place of the Hero.»

Hero: (shocked) Demento!

Demento: Never give up… <Hero>…

«Demento slides off Drakonnan's blade.»


«The Hero tries to hold back Galanoth from attacking Drakonnan.»

Galanoth: Drakonnan! I'll gut you myself!

Hero: Galanoth! We can't stay here! We have to fall back!
Hero: Without the Claymore, there is nothing to negate his powers! We can't beat him!

«Drakonnan laughs. The scene goes black.»

Galanoth: Demento… Forgive me.

«Scene returns to Drakonnan, laughing.»

Drakonnan: Run! My armies will burn your world to the ground!
Drakonnan: Nowhere is safe! I'll find you both, and destroy you!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

«Scene fades.»

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