A Good Try


«Scene: the Hero, Murry, and Polish inside the room containing the mana apparatus»

Hero: Alright, I THINK this thing should be working now.
Hero: …if you're ready to try it.

«Polish looks down»

Polish: Once I do this, I won't exist anymore.
Polish: Though, what am I, really?
Polish: Just a stray fragment of someone who is no longer whole.

Murry: A piece of pie? Why yes, a pie IS no longer whole once you've eaten some of it.

Polish: Aww, Murry.
Polish: Okay, I'm ready.
Polish: Let's do this.

«Scene fades»

«Polish floats inside the main tube of the machine, which Murry strapped to left side and Mirror Murry to the right.»

Polish: Turn it on.

«The Hero complies»

«The room darkens and starts shaking and Polish and Murry start glowing blue»

Murry: The light of all stars, shining down on me at once! Or… perhaps a concussion.

Polish: Keep going!

«The room darkens even more, but then a cloud of smoke appears at the base of the machine and it returns to normal»

Murry: …and then they all died, one by one by one.

Polish: No!

«Enn'tröpy materializes in the room»

Enn'tröpy: Hee, hee, hee!
Enn'tröpy: Oh, did that not work?
Enn'tröpy: Poor Polish. How will you martyr yourself now?
Enn'tröpy: Well, I'm sure we can find another Mana Amplifier for YOUR Murry. I don't mind sharing.

Hero: Oh, no. That's not happening.
Hero: Murry is proof of how destructive the Inquisition was the first time around.
Hero: You're only going to leave more people as broken as he is now.

Enn'tröpy: Careful there, <Hero>.
Enn'tröpy: You're starting to sound like you're planning to STOP me.

Polish: What choice do we have?

Enn'tröpy: Oh, the Archfiend won't like THAT.

Hero: Nulgath? What does HE have to do with this?

Enn'tröpy: Afraid of making him angry, are you?

«Enn'tröpy teleports a mana amplifier into the chamber and sends Polish out of it»

Enn'tröpy: You SHOULD be afraid of making ME angry.

«The mana amplifier inside the chamber glows, sending energy into Mirror Murry, who gets up from the apparatus»

Enn'tröpy: Take them down.

«Scene fades»

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